Hexbug Box Sumo

Time to get ready for battle!

HEXBUG is taking fall by storm with extensions to three lines: Box Sumo, Micro Titans, and BattleBots BattleBox. The new toys promote social interaction as kids assemble the different bots and characters and get ready to battle it out — in the ring, in the vortex, or even across the living room floor.

The HEXBUG Nano Box Sumo line is simple enough for kids ages 3 and up to assemble and enjoy. They can collect more than 60 different characters from six different categories — Fantasy, Holiday, Pets, Family, Wild Card, and Combat — to put into the ring (sold separately). Powered by a bug equipped with HEXBUG vibration technology, the wacky characters box it out. Assembly is simple: First kids unflatten the Box Sumo character’s body. Then, they can turn on the bug motor and insert it into the Box Sumo character, pop the plastic bottom on, and just sit back and see who prevails as the winner. The ring also doubles as a carrying case so kids can pack the characters up for battle on the go. Parents may want to stick around to turn the motors off when kids inevitable amble off while their characters are still boxing in the ring.

Kids who are a little older or more creative can download a blank template from the HEXBUG website to make their own characters, backgrounds, and dynamic props. The HEXBUG YouTube channel is full of Box Sumo videos featuring character skits and some wacky humor.

Kids can take their BattleBots experience with HEXBUG’s newest additions, including the BattleBox Arena FX Module, the BattleBots Rivals 4.0 (Blacksmith and Bite Force), and BattleBots Build Your Own Bot – Tank.

Hexbug BattleBots Rivals

The newest BattleBots are here: BattleBots Rivals 4.0. Featuring the latest designs from season three, Bite Force and Blacksmith join the fight. Kids can activate motorized weapons and knock their opponent’s armor off to win the battle with these remote-controlled bots. When the battle is done, no matter who won, kids can reattach the armor and get ready for the next round of epic battle. If you don’t have an arena (sold separately), it’s best to limit the battle to a confined space so you don’t spend too much precious battle time corralling the bots. If kids are having trouble getting started, remind them to check the remote control channels and keep their fingers clear of the sensor.

Hexbug BattleBox Arena FX

Kids can raise the stakes and fully immerse themselves in the fight with the Arena FX Module, which features sounds from the hit TV show, and amp up their competition with a countdown timer and 15 BattleBots sound effects. When players ages 8 and up slam the ready button, the module starts a two-minute battle sequence, lights, and sounds. The winner is whoever does the most damage before the timer counts down to zero.

Hexbug BattleBots Build Your Own
BattleBots Build Your Own Bot – Tank lets kids build their very own battling machines. The tank tread drive base gives the bots a jolt of pushing power and works with all of the weapon accessory packs so kids can customize their strategy for any opponent.

Hexbug Micro Titans Vortex

The year is 2019, and four titans (the Centurion, the Knight, the Viking, and the Samurai) have been summoned across time and space, straight to a sturdy table in your home, to compete in a celestial championship of strength and skill. Enter the Micro Titans RC Brawler Bots.

There’s virtually no setup: Kids unbox everything, lay the Vortex on a flat, stable surface, affix the two character pedestals, and prepare for battle! Kids will push the Titans’ heads down to activate their energy core and watch as their eyes, breastplate, and weapons beam with cosmic energy. Wielding the remote control, kids will spin their warriors into combat. The distinctive bowl shape of the Vortex will keep the fight going until one Titan successfully takes down the other, done by pressing the breastplate and deactivating the energy core.

The Micro Titans RC Brawler Bots are particularly great for seemingly unmatched pairs, such as kids versus parents, because winning depends more on character and chance than skill.