It’s time for a bot battle.

Hexbug’s new Battlebots Arena brings exhilarating robot fighting to the playroom floor. The set includes two battle-ready, remote control bots with detachable magnetic pieces, as well as a large, walled arena that kids can use to smash, crash and destroy their opponent.

Modeled after ABC’s Battlebots reality competition series, this set lets kids skip the building and get right to the fun of putting these micro machines to the test. The pre-batteried bots are controlled via tiny remotes that connect using IR technology. With just four simple controls—front, back, left, and right—kids will have no trouble at all directing their lowdown damage doers.

The set includes Witch Doctor, a spellbound bright purple and green rectangular bot that features a spinning vertical disc and scoop front wedge, perfect for taking down any opponent. Tombstone is a grey and black deadly destroyer, featuring a red rotating arm that kids can maneuver to wipe out the competition with ease. Kids can activate each bot’s incredible weaponry with the push of a button on the top of the controller to inflict some drastic damage. Which bot reigns supreme? It’s all in kids’ hands.


The bots feature three removable pieces that will fly off upon impact. The last bot with any of its pieces remaining will be crowned the robot ruler. And of course, robot reconstruction is incredibly simple and quick, so kids can prepare for a rematch in seconds. Kids can also add up to two additional bots into the battle for a four-player smash fest.

The arena assembles in a snap, with a foldable cardboard base and interlocking plastic pieces. Kids can top off the arena with clear plastic walls to enjoy an unobstructed view of the battle and ensure no bot strays too far from the action. The arena can even help get kids to victory by providing a surprise attack on unsuspecting bots. Two of the four corners feature a push-activated hammer that can slam down on the enemy if it gets too close.

Designed for kids ages 8 and up, the exciting action of bot battling will surely extend to teens and even adults this holiday season, getting the whole family in on the intense match-ups. Featuring simple but effective technology, innovative design, and easy-to-use controls, the Battlebots Arena perfectly sets the stage for epic showdowns.