Blast Your Way to Victory with Hexbug’s New Battle Spiders

HexBug 1

Kids can channel their inner warrior with new Battle Spiders, from Hexbug.

This dual-pack of spiders allows kids to battle each other. Each spider features laser blasters with futuristic, sci-fi sounds. With red blaster fire and green power switches, the spiders can light up playtime.

The laser blasters have a 1.5-meter firing range, so players have to stay close to shoot. Each spider shoots one pulse per second, which adds to a continuous amount of fun. Since both spiders constantly crawl around, kids will have to stay focused to get a shot.

Whenever a spider is hit with a pulse, it lights up and becomes stunned for a second, alerting players of a successful attack. When a spider is hit 10 times, it will automatically deactivate, and one player is left to crawl around in victory.

The dual pack includes two unique spiders for kids to launch into battle. The orange, white, and grey spider is inscribed with “3576ND” and has a circle-like object with blades to signify its team, while the blue and grey features an eagle-like symbol as well as the number seven.


Hexbug 2

The six-legged spiders have scratches painted on them, to show that they have been in plenty of battles, and despite their shared packaging, these bugs are not allies.

Both spiders come with a mini two-channel controller. If kids want to go solo, the controllers can both be set to the same channel and the spiders will move and shoot their blasters at the same time. When kids feel competitive, they can grab a worthy competitor and have both spiders set to different channels.

These mini controllers can be easily stored in a pocket or backpack for an on-the-go battle so that kids can challenge their friends anytime and anywhere.

If kids want to control giant spiders and face off against their opponents with lasers, then these new Hexbugs are the way to go. For more battle fun, kids can use a barcode scanner to scan the spiders and head to Hexbug’s website for extended insight on their machine bugs.



Manufacturer: Hexbug
MSRP: 49.99

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