hero elementary

Science is a powerful force – and the students of Hero Elementary know how to best use it to save the day!

PBS Kids announces a new multiplatform, animated series, Hero Elementary, to help spark a love of science in kids. Premiering on June 1, the series follows students at Hero Elementary, a school for budding superheroes, as they learn to master their super-powered skills and explore different scientific and social-emotional lessons along the way.

Hero Elementary has the right formula to help empower kids to make a difference in their own backyards and beyond by actively doing science,” said series co-creator Carol-Lynn Parente in a statement. “The series combines the excitement of superheroes and the power of science to help show kids that they can be superheroes and save the day, too.”

Along with the new series, the Hero Elementary universe will also include interactive digital components with online games and educational resources.