Hello Kitty Dance Time in package[2]If your kids need a pal who is as energetic as they are, look no further than the Hello Kitty Dance Time. This adorable plush, from Blip Toys, comes to life anywhere as she dances to your favorite tunes or sound.

Designed for kids ages 4 and up, the box comes with a stand and Hello Kitty, whose hands and feet have suction cups attached to cling her on any smooth surface. Whether she is on her stand or hanging on to any surface, Hello Kitty will dance like nobody’s watching. She can dance to any song or sound, including your voice, which keeps her entertaining. She is also sound or touch activated and comes with synchronized choreography to two different songs.

Hello Kitty has a switch on her back to set one of four functions, which is inside the Velcro opening on her back. The modes are Play, where you press her hand or chest to dance to two different songs; Mic, where Hello Kitty will dance to your favorite music or sound and dance along; Try Me, where she dances for a shorter time to two different songs when you press her chest or hand; and Off.

The plush won’t waste battery when you aren’t using her because she goes into sleep mode after one minute. She is also super soft and huggable, easily becoming a travel toy that little kids will love to take with them on any trip. She could even be placed on the car window to entertain your little ones during long car rides, where you best be sure people will be doing a double take at Hello Kitty bustin’ a move on the highway.

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