Hello barbieEveryone is familiar with the classic fashion Barbie doll. The 57-year-old blonde-haired beauty has been around since 1959, and despite her age, she still manages to remain wrinkle-free. Her name is of household status, and she continues to be a staple in the doll industry.

So what’s next for this dashing diva? How about some fancy new tech installs?

With Mattel’s new Hello Barbie doll, kids can have conversations and share their biggest secrets as they build a relationship with Barbie like never before. Designed for kids ages 6 and up, Hello Barbie uses speech recognition technology to interact with kids, as she serves up a dose of both beauty and tech.

With WiFi technology from ToyTalk, Hello Barbie can uniquely interact with kids based on what they say. To start, kids can ask their parents to help them download the Hello Barbie companion app. This app allows users to create a ToyTalk account, which connects to the doll and unlock her features. Hello Barbie can remember up to three different WiFi locations, so she doesn’t require a smart device once WiFi is configured.

Hello Barbie 3

In order to activate Hello Barbie’s interactive mode, kids simply press the silver button on her belt buckle. Now, it’s time to talk! What’s impressive about this interactive doll is its adaptability. With more than 8,000 phrases installed, Hello Barbie always has something new to say, offering an enhanced play experience unlike any doll before her. She can speak recorded phrases, tell stories, and even crack jokes! Progressive learning features also allow her to adapt to users’ likes and dislikes, shaping a personality unique to each user.

Included in the box is one Hello Barbie and one doll stand that doubles as a charging station for rechargeable batteries.

Hello Barbie doll is compatible with iPhone and Android phones and devices.