Promote eco-friendly play with Recyclings Recyclies. | Source: Headstart

Protecting the environment and promoting sustainability is a tall order, but it’s easy to choose planet-friendly play with Headstart’s new recycled, plastic toys. 

The new toy line is called Recyclings, appropriately named considering that the toys are made from 70% recycled plastic bottle caps. Kids can join in on the fun of sustainability with the new Recyclies dolls. There are six dolls to collect for $14 each, and each one comes with its own adorable onesie, a quirky hairstyle, and an eco-friendly attitude. Every doll prevents 38 bottle caps from entering a landfill.

Kids can also collect new series two collectible Recyclings that double as pencil toppers. There are more than 120 cute characters to collect, including mini pancakes, axolotls, avocados, bunnies, pugs, and backpacks. Each figure has a different rarity, including a limited-edition golden trophy and a limited-edition glittery sparkling diamond. They will be available in single-packs and four-packs. 

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The Recyclings figures will also be available in Wheelie Bin Packs, which come with a Recycling character, a Wheelie Bin capsule, and a collector sheet. For even more collecting fun, each Recyclings Bottle Pack includes four Recyclings and a collector sheet. 

Trashtastic Truck Playset and packaging | Source: Headstart/the Toy Insider

Plastic is made even more fantastic with the Trashtastic Truck Playset. It features an adorable truck run by Rainbow Recyclie and her Rainbow Recyclings bestie, exclusive to the $45 set. As the captain on duty to recycle and repurpose trash, Rainbow Recyclie helps move plastic play towards a more sustainable future. Kids can use the truck’s side-arm to pick up the dumpster or trash and then tip the Rainbow Recycling inside into the tray, or they can send the Recycling tumbling down the attached pink slide. This set prevents 241 bottle caps from reaching the landfill and the packaging is made from recycled materials, too.

The eco-friendly Recyclings toy line will be available to shop soon.