TheBeatrixGirlsLondonTourAny ’90s girl will know the gravity of the words “Girl power!” and how they affected the music industry. Today’s toy aisles are beginning to beef up those girl empowerment toys, using play to show girls that they can be anything that they want to be. For those girls belting out their favorite songs into a hairbrush in front of a mirror, dreaming of standing in the spotlight and rocking out to a sold-out crowd, PopStar Club’s The Beatrix Girls have provided an outlet for even more popstar imaginative play.

After their launch last year, the fabulous Beatrix Girls are back—and now, they’re going on a fabulous London tour. They’ve each undergone a full makeover, with London mod-inspired outfits, instruments, and new original music. The great thing about these glamorous rock star fashion dolls, is that the four girls—Brayden, Ainsley, Lark, and Chantel—exist in the real world, with music that girls can find on iTunes, Pandora, and Spotify, right along side the rest of their favorite stars.

Besides their new, absolutely chic outfits, The Beatrix Girls have TONS of hair play. Seriously… tons! In fact, these dolls have 10 times as much hair as your typical fashion doll and their fabulous locks are fun to style and provide even more imaginative play value. Their website features details about each bandmate, so that girls can relate to them as real people. Details include favorite foods and phrases, a description of each girl’s signature “look,” and a brief overview of their personality. Such details really bring these adorable dolls to life.

In a world full of celebrities who are famous for scandal, parents can rest assured that the Beatrix Girls will always be good role models for their girls. Their original music is all parent-approved content and their back story includes talent, tenacity, and good old-fashioned hard work. These fun and empowering girls are the perfect addition to your little rock star’s doll collection.