Hatch a Whole New World with Hatchimals CollEGGtibles Season 2

Hatchimals fans, prep your wings for flight! We’re heading back to Hatchtopia to meet a whole new batch of collectible friends.

If you thought the hatchy goodness couldn’t get better than the big Hatchimals Surprise reveal earlier this holiday season, then get EGG-cited for Hatchimals CollEGGtibles Season 2!

Similar to the first series of Hatchimals CollEGGtibles, these teeny tiny bird-hybrid collectibles come inside small, speckled baby eggs, but the latest season sports a pastel pink hue. Like the OG Hatchimals, they need kids’ help to hatch.

First, rub the egg to make the heart change colors from purple to pink. Now it’s ready to come out of its shell. Press hard to create a hole big enough for your new friend to come out of the egg. Fun fact: If the egg shell feels familiar, that’s because it’s made from the same special material made just for Hatchimals and Hatchimals Surprise Eggs. They are offered in 1-packs, 2-packs, 4-packs and a carton.

Continuing to play on the popular blind bag trend, the Hatchimals CollEGGtibles animal reveal will be a surprise every time, so kids will never know which cutie they will hatch next.

Just like the first season, the speckled colors will tell kids which family the animal will be from, such as the Farm, Jungle, Savannah, and more. Season 2 will let kids explore new areas of Hatchtopia including Snowflake Shire, Crystal Canyon, and Magical Meadow!

There are more than 100 (did I just see a few jaws drop?) new CollEGGtibles to collect in this season, including familiar faces in fresh, vibrant, and new colors, and totally new characters. Some of my favorites are Cheetree, a little cheetah with glittery wings, Snowflake Narwarbler, a mystical and magical narwhal, and—of course—Penguala, one of the most adorable penguins ever.

To keep track, each pack comes with a special sheet with a collector’s list on one side, and a partial map of Hatchtopia on the other side. Find all four parts and you can piece together your very own poster of the village we all wish we could visit IRL!

To add more excitement, and even MORE of an element of surprise, there are also rare limited edition CollEGGtibles for kids to be on the hunt for. Only 250 of the rarest Hatchimal yet, the Golden Hatchimal, will be available in specially-marked packages. If kids are lucky enough to find this golden character, they can redeem exclusive prizes!

The launch of Season 2 also brings even more goodies, including brand-new animated Hatchimals content. Kids will be able to hang out with “Team Hatch” and see what they do every day in Hatchtopia, and learn all about the common, rare, and ultra rare characters part of CollEGGtibles Season 2!

Watch the first webisode below!

Happy hatching!



Manufacturer: Spin Master
MSRP: $2.99 – $19.99

10 Responses to “Hatch a Whole New World with Hatchimals CollEGGtibles Season 2”

  1. My family members love the search for the golden hatchimals we have 58 of the 70+ from season one, 76 of the 100+ from season 2 and about 60 extras. All we do is collect them for fun. I do think about all the people posting videos on youtube and see millions of viewers that subscribed to them over it. I think my self of more private, confined to the happiness of their reactions when we open up each egg.

    The glittery walking and talking hatchimal which hatches it self out was the most excited I seen them. It is all love…

    What I need to know is how many of the 250 limited editions golden linx have been found ever.

    Well I hope some observes can help me figure it out.

    Hatch on…

  2. Robin Hess

    What color egg does the golden hatchimals come in & does it come in a blind bag?

    • The egg is golden. From what i have seen, the golden egg will come in a bling bag.

    • Amie Greenlee

      The golden egg is it only in the blind bag? And are there any more left in circulation? I know only 250 were made, and what do you mean by specially marked packages?

    • On youtube I seen it opened in box labeled find the golden egg. Once in a blind bag. Also in those pink eggs which come 4 in a pack and one revealed inside. I always go those because it is the best deal?

      I don’t know why they put 250 Limited ones only there are millions of people who want it.
      I think chances for getting one is as good as hitting powerball. I say when and if I find one that is exactly what I wilI do, play lotto….

      good luck🎲🎲🎲

  3. Makayla

    I love Hatchimals colleggtibles they are so much fun to hatch and collect☺

  4. Hello, wondering how many different 4+bonus pack variations there are for season 2. I think I have them all, but that doesn’t add up to 100 eggs. Thanks


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