RRGames_HashtagMeIn a world full of Tweets, Instas, and Snaps, it feels weird to read a plain ol’ sentence without a hashtag. #amirite

That’s why R&R Games introduces Hashtag Me!, a game that lets players provide commentary on others’ stories to gain followers.

To start out, players separate the hashtag cards and the prompt cards into two piles. Each player draws six hashtag cards. Technically, six cards is the “official” game rules, but even the instructions encourage you to draw seven or eight if you want. So you do you. Before each round, players have the option of trading in their entire hand of cards, but you can’t trade in just a few.

The first Storyteller picks a Prompt card from the pile and chooses one of the subjects on the card to tell a quick story. For example, one prompt says, “Tell about your favorite album, musician, or show,” and I would try to tell a very short story about how much I love Lin-Manuel Miranda and how Hamilton changed my entire life, but nbd. If the Storyteller doesn’t like either of the choices on the card, you can trade it for another prompt card.

Luckily, when you’re the Storyteller, you can tell as long or as short of a story as you want, so excuse me real quick while I wax poetic about Lin. As I’m talking about my day at Hamilton, other players can hashtag the story by laying down a relevant hashtag from their hand. For example, during my story, someone could throw down #Baller or #Legendary when it fits into the story. When a player lays down his or her hashtag, they yell out “Hashtag _____!” In addition to all of the provided hashtag cards, there are also blank cards for players to fill in with their own hashtags, if say, during my Hamilton saga, they wanted to be like #Stop, or #WeGetIt.

If the Storyteller thinks that the hashtag card played is inappropriate (twirl on your haters), then they can ask the group to vote on it. At the end of the story, three followers are awarded to the player with the best hashtag (as decided by the Storyteller), two followers are rewarded for each accepted hashtag, and the Storyteller gets one follower for each accepted hashtag.

Once the game is over, the player with the most followers—much like in life on the internet—wins. Designed for players ages 12 and up, this is a fun storytelling party game that gets the whole group involved and lets you take a stroll down memory lane with a little #tbt. Players will enjoy not only learning about their friends and family’s stories, but also throwing in their own commentary about the story that is being told. #winning