super soaker

 For Hasbro, things are getting retro.

After learning yesterday that the toy company will bring back the Mall Madness board game, the toy manufacturer hit us with more nostalgia-fueling news. New retro-inspired Super Soaker blasters and LCD-screen handheld gaming consoles will launch this year.

Three news splash-tastic Super Soakers — NERF Super Soaker XP20, NERF Super Soaker XP30, and NERF Super Soaker XP100 — bring back the iconic look and feel of the original air-pressurized water blaster. The styling and bright colors strongly resemble the original blasters. Kids ages 6 and up can fill up the removable tank, pump the handle, and pull the trigger for plenty of nostalgic, water-blasting fun.


Hasbro is also reinventing Tiger Electronics’ LCD handhelds, according to The Verge. Four new versions of the devices will be available this fall and, just like the original versions, each handheld will play a single game. These handhelds are based on The Little MermaidTransformers: Generation 2X-Men Project X, and Sonic the Hedgehog 3.  Each device features familiar controls and monochromatic graphics on the colorful backdrop. Game on!