New PJ Masks toys from Hasbro include the PJ Masks Deluxe Battle HQ (left) and PJ Masks PJ Launching Seeker (right). | Source: Hasbro/the Toy Insider

Hasbro is on its way into the night to save the day with totally new PJ Masks toys this holiday season!

PJ Masks is the hit preschool show from Entertainment One that airs on Disney Junior and follows the adventures of three unexpected superheroes. During the day, these kids might be mistaken for typical 6-year-olds, but at night, they become the PJ Masks: the team that stops baddies from ruining everyone else’s daytime fun. For the first time, these toys inspired by the show are made from Hasbro — and include some super new features like Hero ID technology (read more about that below).

The whole collection includes action figures, vehicles, dress-up items, and playsets, so there’s something for every pint-sized hero ages 3 and up to enjoy. Scroll down below to read about some of my personal favorites from the line and why we love them so much!

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PJ Masks Deluxe Battle HQ (Hasbro)

Every hero needs a home base, and the PJ Masks Deluxe Battle HQ playset makes sure that the power is in kids’ hands for ultimate crime-fighting adventures. This playset stands tall with five floors and double-sided play opportunities. It is adorned with details just like the headquarters from the show, including emblems of Owlette, Catboy, and Gekko, plus the iconic wings (which also activate a trap door — so sneaky!).

The Deluxe Battle HQ has several interactive elements, including the trap door, an escape chute, an elevator, a working vehicle launcher, and a blaster. It even comes with two figures — Catboy and Romeo — plus a Cat-Car vehicle to start off kids’ collections.

But perhaps my favorite part of the playset is the Hero ID technology. When kids place one of Hasbro’s Hero ID-compatible PJ Masks figures on these locations, the figures will recognize where they are and react with lights and sounds. Kids can play with all of their figures to unlock all of the special effects and add an extra layer of play!

Ages: 3+
MSRP: $62.99
Available: Amazon, TargetWalmart

PJ Masks PJ Launching Seeker (Hasbro)

Every PJ Masks fan knows that the most impressive vehicle on the show is the PJ Seeker, which was made from a bunch of Romeo’s spare parts. Now, kids can power up playtime with this PJ Masks PJ Launching Seeker, which comes with Catboy and Gekko figures and their vehicles.

Kids can roll into daring adventures when the Seeker is in vehicle mode, or they can transform it into a full workshop for the PJ Masks cars. The action-packed play continues with the moveable grabber claw and the ramp that will send the figures zooming. When the set is in workshop mode, kids can pretend to power up the included Cat-Car and Gekko-Mobile vehicles with six add-ons each, including special hoods and wheel accessories. When they’re ready to save the day, kids can then launch vehicles from either side of the set.

This PJ Launching Seeker also features Hero ID, so when kids place their figures in the cockpit of the Seeker, they will activate unique sounds and phrases for each character. When playtime is over, everything stores easily inside the Seeker.

Ages: 3+
MSRP: $52.99
Available: Amazon, TargetWalmart

PJ Masks 2-in-1 HQ (Hasbro)

It’s time to go out of this world! While the Deluxe Battle HQ and PJ Launching Seeker are both larger playsets, the 2-in-1 HQ is one that is easier for kids to take on the go. But don’t be fooled by its size — this playset is both a rocket and a multilevel headquarters in one toy! It comes with a Catboy figure and a Cat-Car.

When it’s closed, kids can attach the handle onto the playset, which they can hold onto as they launch the HQ into space and fly it all around. When they land the playset, kids can open it up into a headquarters that includes a decorative computer console and a vehicle launcher. In headquarters mode, kids can imagine their next mission with the computer, then launch Catboy’s car with a lever.

When playtime is over, the Catboy action figure and Cat-Car vehicle fit inside the closed rocket for easy storage.

Ages: 3+
MSRP: $20.99
Available: Amazon, Target, Walmart

PJ Masks Deluxe Vehicles (Hasbro)

These PJ Masks Deluxe Vehicles are ready to roll! Kids can play out all of their favorite moments from the show as they zoom to the rescue with Owlette’s Owl Glider, Catboy’s Cat-Car, or Gekko’s Gekko Mobile.

I love that each vehicle has its own distinct, interactive feature. Let’s get down to the nitty-gritty: With the touch of a button, the Super Owl Wings will fan out and flap, the Cat-Car is equipped with spinning Super Cat Stripes that kids can launch, and the Gekko-Mobile’s wheels will convert into fins with the press of a button. Plus, each vehicle comes with a 3-inch poseable figure that will fit inside the cockpit, each compatible with Hero ID in the playsets.

Ages: 3+
MSRP: $15.99 each

Available: Walmart — Owlette, Catboy, Gekko

From Hasbro’s PJ Masks vehicles to playsets, all of these toys will encourage kids’ imaginations to take them into the night to save the day. And, most importantly, they will show kids that anyone can be a hero — no matter how small!