Source: Hasbro

As families settle in and bundle up for winter, warmer days will soon return and Hasbro is already planning to heat things up with the spring debut of NERF DinoSquad.

NERF DinoSquad is a collection of foam dart blasters and Super Soakers that kids can add to their arsenal for backyard battle. The colorful new range features designs inspired by kid-favorite dinosaurs, including the Tyrannosaurus Rex, Dilophosaurus, Stegosaurus, and Triceratops.

Source: Hasbro

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The NERF DinoSquad collection includes the triple-dart Tricera-Blast blaster; single-fire Stego-Smash blaster; motorized Rex-Rampage Blaster; and the Super Soaker Dino-Soak blaster. All dart blasters come with official NERF Elite Darts.

NERF DinoSquad products will roar into most major toy retailers this spring.