What’s that you smell?👃 That would be the distinct scent of your favorite Play-Doh colors on their way to their very first YouTube series. 🖥

This summer, Hasbro will launch The Play-Doh Show, a YouTube series featuring animated stop-motion shorts that allow kids to explore the world of Play-Doh. The series follows the daily adventures of the Doh-Doh characters as they use their imaginations to create their own solutions to everyday and extraordinary problems.

All animations featured within The Play-Doh Show are made of 100 percent Play-Doh compound, so expect to see some pretty cool creations. Each episode will be roughly one minute long, and will revolve around different themes and holidays, including pets, birthday parties, Halloween, back to school, and—of course—poop.

The show debuts on July 1 on youtube.com/hasbro, with a new episode airing every Tuesday through the end of the year. Check out a first look at the series below: