There are few things in this life that bring me such bliss as the ballroom scene from Disney’s Beauty and the Beast. Inspired by the upcoming live-action film, Hasbro brings the magic of that classic Disney moment to life with its new line of Beauty and the Beast products (hits play on the latest cover of “Tale as Old As Time”).

The Disney Beauty and the Beast Grand Romance set features Belle and Beast clad in their ballroom attire. Both of their outfits give the allusion of having different layers, but Belle’s dress and Beast’s jacket are each just one piece. Belle wears a yellow dress with gold accents and a Velcro back. The top of the dress consists of a shimmery material, and the skirt has a satin under-layer with gold tulle on top. Additionally, she wears gold high heels, a gold hairpiece to help hold back her voluptuous locks, and the necklace featured in the upcoming movie. All of Belle’s accessories are removable.

True to form, Beast features flocked fabric on his arms, legs, and facial hair to give him a fuzzy feel. He wears a navy suit that has gold details and lace embellishments. He also has a flocked tail that kids can attach to the opening on his back. While the tail adds a special touch, it occasionally falls off with a lot of movement. Depending on the type of adventure that kids want to send him on, it may be easier to leave it off during play.

Belle has posable arms and hands, legs that move forward and backward, and a fully rotatable head. Her facial features are inspired by her live-action portrayal by Emma Watson, combining both the classic and reimagined characteristics of the iconic Disney princess. Beast is not quite as articulated, and features arms and legs that move up and down.

Disney Beauty and the Beast Enchanting Melodies Belle is similar to the Grand Romance doll, but when kids press her belly, she sings part of “Something More,” featuring Emma Watson’s vocals.


Belle’s voice isn’t the only enchanting thing about this doll, she is also styled in a glam version of the yellow ball gown. While the top of the dress features some glitter, her skirt is satin and has a two tulle layers covered with shimmering sparkles. With every move that Belle makes, she leaves a magical trail of glitter in her wake.

Though the Enchanting Melodies Belle is the same size as the Grand Romance doll, her arms are not posable, but instead move up and down and side to side.

Hasbro’s line also features miniature Beauty and the Beast figures. These perfect, on-the-go toys may be tiny, but they are made with much attention to detail. The Disney Beauty and the Beast Enchanted Rose Scene includes plastic Belle and Beast characters, an enchanted rose with a see-through case, and the stone table.


Kids can add to their figures collection with the Disney Beauty and the Beast Castle Friends Collection, which includes favorite characters inspired by their live-action renditions, including Chip, Mrs. Potts, Cogsworth, Lumiere, and Plumette. Each is made with sculpted details and facial characteristics. For example, Cogsworth features a troublesome look on his face and is pointing his finger, ready to discipline his fellow castle-mates. Additionally, Lumiere stands on a slant with his candlestick arms held out, ready to entertain anyone in his presence.


Hasbro’s Beauty and the Beast collection is sure to be a hit with kids and parents. It captures all the elements that fans love about the original film, while also adding different touches from the upcoming live-action film.