For any Potterhead who spent the better part of childhood waiting for a Hogwarts letter to arrive, the new Harry Potter training wands from Jakks Pacific bring the Hogwarts magic to life. These magical training wands allow kids age 8 and up to practice their favorite spells taught to the wizards and witches at Hogwarts.

Wizards in training can choose from three different wand designs (each sold separately): Harry Potter, Lord Voldemort, and Albus Dumbledore. Young wizards can practice 11 spells with each wand, complete with light and sound effects to indicate a correct or incorrect spell. Young Gryffindors simply hold the wand, press the Cast button, and complete specific motions to cast iconic spells, such as finite incantatem, wingardium leviosa, and tarantallegra.

The Wizard Training Wands feature five different play modes: spell training, free play, spell practice, training spells, and wizard tag to test a young wizard’s knowledge of the more child-appropriate spells from the Harry Potter universe.

To begin, you’ll need to add some muggle magic, AKA 3AAA batteries. Once that’s done, select a mode to learn the spell motions or test your skills. Stand tall and begin drawing out the desired spell pattern in midair.

In single wand mode and free play mode, kids can individually learn 11 spells and improve their spell skills. As kids practice the wand motions, which are included in the spell guidebook, the wand will provide audio feedback when a spell is properly executed or if it is incorrect.

It can be difficult to successfully complete spells while in the early stages of wizard training. Make sure to stand upright and move your wand in swift up-and-down motions, clearly marking the full path of each spell, following the step-by-step motions written out in the spell guide. Remember: even Harry couldn’t perfect wingardium leviosa on his first attempt.

Once your training is complete and you are on your way to becoming a full-fledged wizard or witch, test out your skills alone or with a fellow wizarding student. With two or more wands, aspiring wizards can review and practice their five basic training spells together.

In spell practice mode, players race to perform the same spell with precision and speed, and they can face off in training mode duels as competitors work to complete a successful spell before their opponent to win the point in the five-round battle, indicated by glowing lights and sound effects on the winning player’s wand.

If you’ve got a Quidditch team handy (read as: lots of wand-wielding friends), indulge in a game of wizard tag in which players try to tag each other using their wands. As opponents move around, hit the Cast button toward your opponent’s wand to drain their wand power, as they try to do the same. Be careful: if a hit reaches a wand, that player loses a life, however players can spin a spell counterclockwise to earn extra lives back and the game can continue for more fun.

Accio, wand!