_BS18481editAs a little girl, I was drawn to toy cars more than pretty dolls. My eyes would greedily follow my brother’s toy trucks, jeeps, and planes. And soon, I discovered that my brother liked playing with my dolls more than his trucks. We struck a deal.

Though lots of toy cars on the market feature sharp edges and deep color palettes, TransporToys’ Happy Fleet features seven mini vehicles in gender-neutral colors with rounded edges.

With smiles painted on each toy, the Happy Fleet is called “happy” with good reason. This troupe of pint-sized—but versatile—vehicles offer dynamic play. The fleet includes a helicopter with a free-spinning rotor blade, a dump truck with a bed that can hold objects up to the size of a ping-pong ball, a tow truck that can tow away other vehicles by attaching to a hole at its bottom, a fire engine with a two-part ladder that can be raised and extended, a cement mixer with a tank that can be tilted from side to side, a police car dotted with stickers, and a minivan.

There’s a lot kids can do with each member of this happy crew. But what will attract kids instantly to the set is the size, shape, and vibrancy of these vehicles. Thanks to some easy spinning wheels, Happy Fleet cars zoom across the room with a good, steady push.

Adults can take it easy while little ones go about their day taking their cars and trucks on indoor adventures. Happy Fleet is designed for kids ages 2 to 5, however, kids as young as 1 years old can also play with the set, thanks to the chunky design and absence of small removable parts. Each Happy Fleet vehicle is made of ABS plastic, a material that lasts long, remains durable, and wipes clean with ease.