HappyDanceSnoopySnoopy is not your average beagle. He’s got an incredible imagination, a doghouse that defies the laws of physics, and unrivaled dance moves.

Linus, Lucy, Charlie Brown, and Snoopy are back on November 6 in The Peanuts Movie. Kids and long-time Peanuts fans alike can celebrate the return of the little dog with a big personality with Just Play’s Happy Dance Snoopy.

In the classic animated series, no one loves Schroeder’s smooth piano tunes quite like Snoopy, and his happy dance has made kids smile for decades. Just Play’s plush version of everyone’s favorite emotive beagle brings Snoopy’s happy dance to life like never before.

Happy Dance Snoopy_KissThis plush pup is soft and lightweight, with music notes printed on the underside of his oversized ears. Snoopy grooves to the tune of Linus and Lucy, also known as the Peanuts Theme Song. He moves his feet from side to side, waves his arms up and down, and even gets his floppy black ears in on the fun. Kids will love dancing along with this iconic dog as he moves along the floor or table.

In addition to showing off his sweet dance moves, Happy Dance Snoopy sweetly responds with giggles and lifts his ears when kids give him a smooch on his nose.

This interactive plush appeals to Peanuts fans of all ages. Kids will quickly replace Woodstock as Snoopy’s BFF in no time.