Goal: $50,000
Creator: Schell Games and Thames & Kosmos

Happy Atoms is a teaching tool that lets kids explore molecules in a hands-on way. The kit lets kids create molecules from atom models, discover the identities of the built molecules using a scan feature on the app, and assemble collections of molecules while completing chemistry tasks in the educational app. It’s not just for kids: Anyone from the fourth grade to college can use Happy Atoms to expand their chemistry knowledge.

Happy Atoms is composed of atom models that represent 16 different elements. Students can be much more engaged with their learning since the models are physical building blocks. The metal tips on the ends of the arms that connect the blocks together represent free electrons, while the magnetic bonding sites on the atom spheres represent empty spots for electrons in the electron shell.

The app is an interactive chemistry curriculum. With guided quests, kids can discover and learn about new molecules. The app will be available for iOS when Happy Atoms first ships, and will be available for Android if the stretch goal is reached.

Indiegogo donations range from $10 to $549 and prizes include Introductory and Complete sets. Click here to support Happy Atoms!