fun party games for game nightWhen playing Hank’s Twisted Challenge, it’s a good thing to get your knickers in a twist! Wicked Cool Toys has put a fun twist on game night with this new game where the goal is to be the first person to get the ball off the end of the wire by twisting, bending, and turning your body in crazy ways!

There are four ways to play. You can play solo, head-to-head, relay, or freestyle with one to four players. The game is ideal for players ages 6 and up. The set comes with six wires, four dishwasher safe mouthpieces, two balls, a spinner, and 20 challenge cards.

To play, spin the spinner to determine the wire color and bends to make. Each player will use the same wire color and make the same bends. After bending them, put the ball on the wire, connect the wire to your mouthpiece, and place the mouthpiece in your mouth.

Are you up for an even harder challenge? Before you play, choose a challenge card! Each player incorporates the movement as they play, such as balancing on one foot or hopping up and down. All players begin at the same time. Twist, wiggle, and bend your body as you race to get the ball off the end of the wire. Who will get the ball flying off first?! Whoever does, wins that round.

The game great for a range of ages, making it fun for family night, game night, or party. Note that the game piece gets placed in your mouth to play, so those with sensitive dental work should take precautions. Also, there are only four mouthpieces, so it is hard to substitute additional players.

However, the game has occupational therapy benefits such as tracking, attending, and fine and gross motor skill work. You can change the challenge and modify the wire to make it easier (or more complicated) according to the skill level of the person playing.

All in all, Hank’s Twisted Challenge from Wicked Cool Toys will have families and friends of all ages creating wicked cool memories!