Make some room on your shelf for this new game night essential.

Hands Full, the latest game from WowWee, has one simple rule: Don’t let go, or you lose. It’s best described as a mash-up between Bop It and Twister — one that will definitely get everyone up, moving, and eventually laugh-crying.

Made for kids ages 8 and up, Hands Full does not look like your traditional party game. It has three arms connected to a top and bottom base, with two colored spheres on each arm. I love that two of the arms fold in so that the game lays flat when not in use. What can I say? The older I get, the more I appreciate storage solutions.

No instructions are needed because the play is intuitive, so anyone can jump in right away. Up to four players are guided by a voice that tells them what to do next over some pretty catchy beats. Commands are simple, such as “tap blue” and “grab yellow,” but becomes not-so-simple as play progresses and players need to complete some pretty twisted challenges, like tapping a color behind their back.

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Hands Full has three different modes: solo, team, and survivor. In solo mode, players will master their moves as they climb their way through six levels — each one getting progressively harder. I have a soft spot for single-player games for all of the kids who don’t have any siblings or have ones that are waaay older and don’t want to play with them.

As I completed each level, you would think I just created the hottest, new TikTok dance. Maybe I was doing the Macarena at some point. Either way, I got super into it and was really amused with all of the moves I had to do. The first level starts out easy: Just tap and hold onto the different colors — but as you progress, the pressure is ON! The background music gets faster, you have less time to complete each command, and the moves get a little trickier, like having to tap a color under your leg or moving the game so that one color faces a certain direction. You can see how things will start to get twisty, right?

Because the one simple rule of the game is my downfall — don’t let go! — I only made it to the fourth level, but level six, I’m coming for ya!

Team mode delightfully complicates the game a lot more simply because more people get in on the fun. In team mode, 2-4 players will have to work together to complete a sequence of crazy moves, like jumping, high-fiving, shaking, dancing, and more! If anyone lets go, it’s game over for everyone.

Hands Full has 15 different moves to challenge players throughout the different levels. According to math, this means there are more than a million combinations of moves between the different game modes, so the replay value here is endless.

Playing solo is fun, but adding more players definitely adds some more laughs into the mix.

And last, in survivor mode, players will compete to be the last player standing. Also for 2-4 players, whoever is the last to let go is crowned the Hands Full master.

Hands Full is sure to bring endless, tanged fun for the whole family that will eventually get out of hand.