Color Your Mood with Hanazuki Moodgleam Wearable

Sometimes you’re feeling both happy and hungry, or angry and tired. Or maybe you’re feeling double excitement about life. Regardless, a mood ring can only show one emotion, but there’s a new wearable on the block that’s making us all kinds of emotional.

Hasbro’s Hanazuki Moodgleam Wearable wristband allows kids to express their changing moods fashionably. Using collectible Treasures that go along withe Hanazuki game app, kids can collect and light up their bracelet with whatever mood(s) they’re feeling.

With the Moodgleam bracelet, kids can be just as stylish as the Moonflower herself, Hanazuki. Plus, the Hanazuki app allows players to become Moonflowers as they choose their mood, play games, and build their very own customized moon and interact with all the wacky characters in Hanazuki’s world.

The wristband comes with two collectible Treasures that kids can scan into the app, or attach to the Moodgleam bracelet. The bracelet will light up to the color of the charm kids attach, and if you have two different colored charms, well folks you’ll also have two different colors light up at once. If charms aren’t on the sensor to dictate the mood, the bracelet will light up along with the app, so kids can change their mood with their device, or it will light up a bunch of fun colors based off accomplishments in the game.

Connecting the bracelet with the app is super simple, thanks to modern Bluetooth technology. Once the app is open and the bracelet is on, kids just hold down the power button and it will start blinking blue while it searches for the device. From there it takes just a few seconds and kids can play and express themselves. For those who already have—or are looking to build—a Hanazuki Treasure collection, the wearable comes with little charms that can display up to five more treasures in addition to the two that are showing off their mood. There are more than 190 to collect in 10 different colors (moods), so the combinations are quite expansive.

Disclosure: This review is sponsored by Hasbro.



Manufacturer: Hasbro
MSRP: 19.99

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