With just over a month until Halloween, I am begging my kids to tell me what they want to be. Of course, that answer changes on an almost daily basis.

Sigh. The joys of parenting.

I would love for them to do themed costumes. They were so cute as Darth Vader and Bobba Fett last year! But again, I am still waiting for their definite choices.

While I wait, I look through some adorable, creative, and just plain awesome costumes that are out there. People get really creative! Some of my favorites were toy-inspired costumes. Take a look at some of my favorites.

Halloween Costumes Inspired by Childhood Toys

Halloween Costumes Inspired by Childhood Toys

1. Barbie: Does anyone remember the Barbie costumes with the plastic mask? A simple search is calling them vintage, but I am in denial about something I grew up with being called vintage. Thankfully, the newer Barbie costumes do not come with a plastic mask (How did we not think those were scary?!) And with Barbie having so many careers these days, you could practically be anything!


2. Green Army Soldier: This is an easy DIY costume that you can make inexpensively. Wild Ink Press shows how an army costume spray painted green can transform your child into a plastic green army soldier! Face and hand masks (spray painted nylons) optional.


3. LEGO Mini-Figure: I wish I could convince my kids on this costume. I mean, how cool would it be to be a Mini-Fig? This is another simple DIY costume from Project Denneler that will definitely stand out in the Halloween crowd.

lego man costume2


4. Lalaloopsy: If I wasn’t a boy mom, I would definitely be leaning towards a Lalaloopsy costume for my little girl. Do you think they make them in adult sizes?



5. Angry Birds: There are several ways you could go with this theme: store bought or DIY. This would also be a great group costume. Some of the kids could be the pigs, the other birds. You could even turn their Halloween buckets into blocks or bombs!  This is definitely one you could get creative with!

1007b copy

6. Raggedy Ann (and Andy): You can’t go wrong with a classic! Raggedy Ann and Andy are simple and a crowd favorite. This is another great sibling costume idea! Also, you could go store bought or DIY as well. toddler-raggedy-ann-costume

What are your kids going to be for Halloween this year?