Boys Toys Leo

Half-Shell Heroes 6″ Talking Turtles, from Playmates Toys, are Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles action figures that say more than 20 phrases each. Kids ages 3 and up will have a blast duking it out with these Turtles. Each one has a lever on its back that kids can move up and down to activate the sound effects and move its arms. The Talking Turtles—Donnie, Leo, Raph, and Mikey—are each equipped with weapons to fight Shredder and the bad guys. One of the things I noticed right away about the figures is how solid and durable they are. While action figures can sometimes be wobbly and tippable, these figures have wide feet that keep them firmly balanced, and have a nice weight to them that feels well-made and durable.

I think their phrases are fun, too, because they are loud, clear, and clever. “Is that all you got?,” “We’re Ninjas!,” and “Hiiiii-YAH!” are interspersed with realistic sword-fighting sounds, swishes, and thuds. I like that each Turtle has his own iconic weapon. Leo has two swords, Mikey has nunchucks, Donnie has a fighting stick, and Raph has Sais. Kids will have a blast as they fight the enemy, or even hold scrimmages with each other.

The Half-Shell Heroes’ size is also something I like about them, because they’re small enough to store and travel with but are big enough to be extra-special and feel oversized in kids’ small hands, compared to smaller types of figures. The different shades of green that each Turtle sports is also a nice touch. The Half-Shell Heroes are a must-have addition to any TMNT fan’s collection.