Even bigger hair — and they still do not care! 

Just Play hits the runway with Hairdoables Hairmazing Fashion Dolls. Kids who absolutely love Hairdorables will instantly want these new dolls to be their BFFs. These bigger versions of the collectible Hairdorable dolls are 10.5 inches tall and fully articulated, so kids can pose them any which way they please. 

Just like with the original Hairdorables line, kids can open the cover to unbox the hottest accessories to go along with their fashionable dolls. There are four compartments for kids to reveal, with a total of six surprises to complete their lewks. Whether they’re vogueing down the runway or ready for their close-up, these dolls feature the same big, signature hair for which the whole Hairdorables line is known.

Another bonus of Hairdorables Hairmazing dolls is that no part goes to waste. The box doubles as a runway for each doll to make their catwalk debut — just in time for Fashion Week. 

If what your kids love about Hairdorables is the collectibility — fear not! There are six Hairmazing dolls to collect: Bella, Noah, Willow, Harmony, Kali, and Dee Dee. 

So, tease that hair up high and jump on the runway — Hairdorables Hairmazing Fashion Dolls are ready to strike a pose!