Kid with Hair Chalk design | Source: Purple Ladybug

Kids will scribble on anything they can get their hands on, themselves included — but that doesn’t have to be a bad thing!

Let them unleash their inner artist with a set of hair chalk and body glitter from Purple Ladybug. The hair chalk, temporary tattoos, and bright pink body glitter make for a safe, sweet, and savvy way to spruce up kids’ looks.

The set comes with 12 hair chalk pens in various colors, including red, orange, purple, white, and more. Some of the pens even come in multiple shades to give kids a choice between dark and light hues, such as the pink, blue, green, and yellow colors. The pens feature a crayon-like consistency and include a twister at the bottom to push up more chalk. To help apply the colors, the set comes with a long applicator wand and a tiny plastic comb.

Recommended for kids ages 8 and up, the chalk can work with any hair texture and color, though some colors won’t appear as vivid in darker hair. For instance, purple or dark green seem to blend in with black hair and won’t show as brightly as some of the other colors. Kids may want to pick a hair chalk hue that stands out based on their hair color, but they have plenty of options to choose from. If kids want to mix colors, it’s best to start off with a lighter tone and apply darker shades on top.

Source: Purple Ladybug

Kids may need a helping hand during the application process to section off and tie back their hair, while choosing a small chunk of hair to place onto the applicator wand. Kids should wear gloves while coloring the hair because the chalk can rub off on hands and clothes. Apply the color in a downward motion as coloring upward can clump, tangle, and knot the hair. While coloring, it’s also helpful to twist the chunk of hair to cover both sides evenly.

Once the hair is colored to the desired effect, kids can then use the small comb to brush through the strands to remove excess build-up. If the comb is too tiny to easily brush through their hair, they can also use a regular tooth-picked comb. The color lays a bit thickly on hair, so it may appear somewhat oily at first. To avoid this, it may be better to use less chalk. Users should also wash the application wand and comb to prevent mixing colors for the next hair-chalking session.

The hair chalk color can last a few hours or up to a day on kids’ hair. If kids or parents want to clean it out sooner, all it needs is a rinse with water and shampoo. Hair chalk can stain fabric, so kids should be careful about rubbing their heads against pillows and couches or make sure to wash it off before bedtime.

The set also comes with a temporary glitter tattoo and body kit that includes two glitter pots; a small, pink applicator brush; and a sheet of tattoos. The body glitter in this set is gel-based with larger glitter flakes. Kids can apply it right from the pot by dipping their finger into the container and spreading it anywhere they want on their skin. To clean up, simply wash with soap and water, just like the hair chalk!

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The tattoo sheet features a variety of cute designs, including cupcakes, dog paws, bubble tea, rainbows, and more. Kids can cut out their preferred design from the sheet, peel off the backing, lay the adhesive side anywhere on their skin, and rub it down. The outline of the design is sticky enough for kids to dab over it with the brush and loose powder glitter. Once the excess glitter is blown off, the result is a sparkly skin accessory that’ll go great with hot-pink hair chalk!

Practice makes perfect with this set. Kids can experiment with colors on smaller chunks of their hair until they’re familiar with how the chalk looks, feels, and lasts on their head. It’s fun to see how the chalk turns out with different hairstyles. For example, kids can color three sections of hair in multiple colors and braid them together to make a beautiful rainbow do-up! Kids can also get better at using the body glitter the more they practice to work their way up to making cute designs on their skin, from dog paws to cat ears.

Treat your little ones — or yourself — with this glam-errific accessory set!