Bring your kids’ favorite water park into your own backyard with the fabulous H2OGO! HydroStorm Water Park from Bestway.

This backyard water park is big enough for multiple kids to play on — and packed full of features that will keep them busy, all while keeping cool in the summer heat.

First up, kids climb up the climbing wall (think: inflatable version of a rock wall). Once they get to the top of the tower, they can ride down the slide. The slide features a stability air chamber at the bottom so that the slide is sturdy when kids slide down into the shallow pool. Although it’s shallow, this pool is extra large, so the resulting splash is an impressive one.

As if all of that wasn’t enough, it also has fun surprise features as well. There’s a water dispenser at the top of the slide that periodically dumps out water, and a point-and-spray water blaster.

Of course, when you pull out the inflatable water park, kids are sure to get super excited. Have no fear: The included pump inflates the park in less than two minutes. Less than two minutes.

On top of all the features that kids will love, it also has things parents will love, too. The inflatable water park features safety features including mesh safety walls on top of the tower to prevent falls, and high barrier walls on the slide. Plus, no worries about tracking in dirt or mud — there’s a mesh shoe storage area that keeps shoes dry and out of the way. It also secures firmly into the ground with stakes.

Turn your backyard into the perfect water park with the H2OGO! HydroStorm Splash Water Park from Bestway!