It might not be a scientifically proven fact, but most folks will agree that kids almost universally love puppies!

One of the latest offerings from Spin Master‘s GUND division taps into that desire for a cute and snuggly little pup by packing interactive features into an adorable plush dog that’s perfect for kids ages 1 and up.

My Pet Puddles is touch-sensitive and reacts to kids’ pets and cuddles. The super-soft Puddles includes embroidered features, floppy ears, and his cute little tongue is sticking out to add a playful quirk to his already expressive face.


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Kids can activate Puddles’ lifelike movements by bopping his nose or tapping his head. Puddles’ tail wags and he even makes kissing and slurping sounds, just like a real, live dog! In a year where “pandemic puppies” have been a big trend, My Pet Puddles might be a good option for families that are unable to bring home an actual canine for one reason or another. That might also be indicative of why My Pet Puddles has become increasingly hard to track down as the December holidays arrive.

My Pet Puddles was an early pick for the Toy Insider‘s 15th Annual Holiday Gift Guide, and word on the street is that this little pup has been a big hit on TV with appearances alongside our team and some sell-out spots on QVC.  That said, it’s always best to shop early to avoid disappointment!

Parents should know that My Pet Puddles is ready to play right away thanks to three included AA batteries.