Paulie Pup (left), Annie Oinks (center), and Joey Bananas (right) from the Series 1 GUND Drops Collection | Source: Spin Master/the Toy Insider

Parents, make some room on your little one’s bed, because Spin Master has a new collection of huggable plushies, and we suspect kids will want to collect them all! 

Spin Master’s GUND Drops are expressive and unique plush characters. Series 1 includes a range of everyday animals and fantasy creatures ranging from dogs and cats to unicorns and dragons. With 12 different characters in the collection, these 6-inch, little drops of sweetness are made for kids of all ages to enjoy. The Drops might be small in size, but they promise to be big in cuddles! 

Bonnie Bamboo (left) and Willie Wings (right) | Source: Spin Master / the Toy Insider

Each GUND Drop is designed with an individual color scheme and facial expression that is either silly, cheeky, curious, happy, or sleepy. Willie Wings is a purple-and-green bat with a curious smile and rainbow, metallic wings. Bonnie Bamboo, the happy panda bear, swaps black fur for violet and emulates joy with an adorable smile. Kids can collect all of the GUND Drops to have a friend that matches every mood! 

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Kids will fall in love with the GUND Drop’s animated faces, enlarged heads, and tiny bodies. All of the plushies include a name tag that reveals their designated emotion, as well as an embroidered cutie mark to confirm authenticity. 

These stuffed critters are about as cute as they come. While primarily made for cuddles, the GUND Drop crew and their various personalities are well-suited for imaginative play — and when the post-play exhaustion hits, they’ll be kids’ No. 1 bed-time buddy!