GuardiansoftheGalaxy.SkyreaderMediaMarvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy was a fun movie, and The Official Guardians of the Galaxy Essential Interactive eMagazine, from Skyreader Media, provides lots of behind-the-scenes info for anyone who left the theater wanting more, or who wants to revisit favorite characters and scenes. Like a traditional companion magazine, it contains character bios, interviews with cast and crew, and plenty of colorful photographs. However, it also does things that a print magazine cannot, such as linking to video: With a simple touch of the iPad screen, readers can segue from the Rocket Raccoon bio page to a clip from the movie, complete with audio.

There are also fun, hidden features that can be accessed by navigating the e-magazine format. The main menu, for instance, has a wall of panels, each of which takes the viewer to a different department. But the panels can be hidden away, revealing the bridge of the Milano, and from here, the reader can tap on the main monitor, which causes the view to cycle between the various planets in the film. Skyreader Media intends to update The Official Guardians of the Galaxy Essential Interactive eMagazine on a regular basis with new bonus material, never-before-seen artwork, and more. As such, there’s the potential for each new visit to be different, and for the overall reading experience to be as wily and unpredictable as the ragtag group of heroes from which the movie gets its namesake.