Cleanliness is overrated.

With The Grossery Gang Muck Chuck Garbage Truck Playset from Moose Toys, kids ages 5 and up can mess around with a colorful garbage truck that’s more than ready to dirty up Team Clean. The set includes one Muck Chuck Garbage Truck and two exclusive Grosseries that young ones can add to their collection.

Garbage trucks are yucky, and this one is no different. Aside from being such a tongue twister, the Muck Chuck Garbage Truck is as slimy and scabby as can they get. Let’s just call it experienced. Painted shades of bright green and orange, the vehicle sports everything from slime splatters to broken windshields. There’s even some rotten fish and purple slime.

Kids can open the cab and place their collectible characters or action figures into the driver’s seat, or load them in the back do to do more of the dirty work. The four plastic wheels below the truck make the vehicle easy to maneuver on hard surfaces or carpet.Once kids have finished ridding the streets of leftover grub and grime, it’s time to fight the crime that is clean.

First, young ones can press the button on the truck’s roof and watch the side doors open to reveal a pretend sauce bottle blaster. There’s even plenty of room inside to store a handful of their favorite Grossery comrades.

When that’s not enough to dirty up the enemy, kids can use the trash launch catapult to fling their most brave Grosseries in a surprise attack. And finally, when the dirt really hits the fan, kids can use the lift ‘n’ smash dumpster at the front of the truck to unforgivingly squish the opposition.

This putrid play set is perfect for Grossery Gang lovers, and also doubles as a great spot to display all of kids’ crusty collectibles.