grocery2Nothing inspires imagination quite like a fort, especially a fort that has multiple play spaces in one. The Grocery Store Puppet Theater, by Pacific Play Tents, is a 2-in-1 playhouse tent that opens the door (or tent flap) to countless hours of play.

One side of the tent is grocery store themed, complete with art depicting stocked shelves and a window labeled “Grocery.” Kids can grocery shop to their hearts’ content, just like they see their parents do, or be on the other side of the counter selling their goods. The window has a curtain that rolls down, so when it’s time for the grocery store to close (or for the tent to become another type of play-space) it can easily be released. One of the inside walls of the tent has the outline of the cash register, more shelves, a window, and a small round crawl-through-door to make the play experience even more dynamic.


The other side of the tent says “It’s Show Time,” so the stage is set for hours of puppet show fun. Audiences can gather outside of the tent and get front row seats for the show, while kids on the inside of the tent can use the stage-like opening to create puppet shows of their own. This side also has a tent flap, so when the show is over the curtain can fall until next time.

This tent is spacious enough for grocery shopping and a puppet show to be happening at once, plus props for both types of play can easily be stored inside.

The Grocery Store Puppet Theater itself is made out of a durable, soft material so it will hold up against hours of play while still being pleasant to the touch. Assembly is also super easy. The tent’s structure is made with sturdy poles and plastic joints, so parents simply follow the directions and put the poles in the proper joints and they will have the tent’s structure built in no time. Then, drape the tent itself over the frame. Set up and break down are both easy, so the tent can be stored away when it’s not in use and quickly reassembled when young puppeteers and grocers want to play.

In addition to the grocery store and puppet show themes of the tent, the space is sure to inspire many other imaginative play themes. Maybe the puppet theater will host a magic show, or the grocery store will start selling outrageous dress-up clothes in addition to food. The play possibilities are endless.