Rolling ball sculptures—also known as marble runs—are forms of kinetic art, and often contain moving pieces and one or more rolling balls.

GraviTrax, from Ravensburger, is a new construction set that lets kids engineer and construct their very own magnetic ball track, and gives them the tools they need to be the best artists they can be.

Designed for young ones ages 8 and up, the GraviTrax Starter Set features 100 different components and action parts for kids to experiment with, including bottom plates, height blocks, curves, intersections, target ladders, rails, and more for great hands-on play. Ideal for building STEM skills, the set teaches kids to use gravity, kinetics, and magnetism to maneuver a ball (or balls) down a track.With the included components, young ones can build unique marble courses that put their creative spirit to the test. They can customize their track heights to learn about kinetic energy and momentum, introduce twists and turns to shift direction, and even have more than one marble run the course at the same time.

For even more play, kids can download the free GraviTrax app and create their own virtual builds. Here, they can construct courses on the go, and even test track ideas in the digital world before putting them together in the physical world. They can also create construction plans within the app, facilitating their build and providing them their very own set of instructions that they prepared themselves.

Kids can even expand their GraviTrax system with extensions and components from other sets, which introduce cannons, hammers, and loops to the GraviTrax play experience.

The GraviTrax Starter Set will be available at Barnes & Noble on April 15.

See the GraviTrax system in action: