What’s cookin’?

Whether tiny tots aspire to be the next (nice) Gordon Ramsay, or simply want to whip up a savory meal for their family, the Grand Walk-in Wood Kitchen, from Step2, will be just the ingredient they need for some role-playing fun.

Beside the fact that this play set is most likely bigger than most New York City residents’ kitchens, it’s probably a safe assessment to say that it is also better stocked, has more appliances, and is way, way better decorated. Essentially, this wood kitchen is every little chef’s dream come true.

The modern play kitchen features a big, walk-in U-shaped area that has room for four to five rambunctious toddlers. It also comes with a pretend sink, a stove burner, a breakfast bar, an oven, a refrigerator, and more. The play set also comes stocked with enough cooking utensils that would leave any new homeowner green with envy, including spoons, forks, knives, a spatula, a pot, pitcher, plates, bowls, and more.

Little ones can slave away over the oven inside the kitchen, or play outside of the wood model with easy access to cabinets, shelves, and countertop areas. Additionally, the blue and white wooden set features a breakfast bar for little ones to leave coffee or cereal bowls out for the late risers.

Chefs and their sous chefs can easily  scope out what items they have stocked in the refrigerator through the clear window inset, then grab what they need to cook up something fresh. The electronic stove burner even lights up red to look like an actual stovetop flame.

Once all the cooking is done and the kitchen is closed for the day, kids can keep all their utensils tidy by hanging them on the hooks above the breakfast bar. Additionally, with multiple cabinets and assorted shelves—both high and low—the head chef can make sure that the kitchen is always kept spic and span.

This beautifully crafted wooden set pays much attention to detail, which makes for awesome play value. That said, it will initially require assembly help from Mom or Dad. Fear not, the included instructions are detailed and feature numbered pictures to make the process as painless as possible.

The set is currently available for pre-order, so get ready to serve up some fun with the Grand Walk-In Wood Kitchen.