The Hawkins kids are FINALLY back — but this time, they’re in Garbage Pail Kids form.

New from The Loyal Subjects, these GPK x Stranger Things figures are the perfect gift for any Stranger Things or Garbage Pail Kids fan. There are four characters to choose from that mash up a classic Garbage Pail Kid with an iconic character from Netflix’s Stranger Things: Demo Gordon, Stylin’ Steve, Devoted Dustin, or WaffElle.

Join us on Twitter and Instagram from April 12-16 for multiple chances to win one of these figures! All week long, a chance to win a GPK x Stranger Things prize will be posted to our Twitter at 10 a.m. EST. Simply follow the Tweets4Toys daily prompt and use the hashtag #tweet4toys to be entered to win. Each Tweets4Toys winner will receive two GPK x Stranger Things figures!

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Garbage Pail Kids x Stranger Things

Everyone’s ’80s nostalgia dreams come true in this mashup of Garbage Pail Kids and Stranger Things! Each 4-inch figure combines a classic ’80s Garbage Pail Kid with a character from Netflix’s Stranger Things, revealing the grossest kids in all of Hawkins, Indiana. Kids can choose from four figures, including Demo Gordon, Devoted Dustin, Stylin’ Steve, and WaffElle. There’s also a special GPK x Stranger Things collector card in each package, as well as the classic GPK nameplate on each figure.

MSRP: $16.99