BudgeStudios.GoodnightCaillouKids’ bedtime routines are getting an upgrade with Budge Studio’s Goodnight Caillou app. For the first time, kids can join their favorite four-year-old and his sister Rosie in a variety of fun mini games as they help Caillou brush his teeth, count sheep, and catch shooting stars before it’s time for him to fall asleep.

Designed for kids ages 2 to 5, this educational app will have kids counting, piecing together puzzles, and learning about hygiene while they play. The app is narrated by the real Caillou voice from the show, which will keep kids engaged and teach them the virtues of nighttime routines. Kids get to choose the order in which Caillou gets ready for bed, so they can help him eat his dinner, brush his teeth, put comfy pajamas on, count sheep, and anything else Caillou needs to do before he crawls under the covers.

Before he falls asleep, Caillou says, “Now that our bedtime routine is done, it’s time for Dreamland. Good night!” And what happens next is my favorite part: A shooting star appears on the screen and kids are instructed to make a wish out loud. If the microphone on the device a child is using is activated, the app will record what he or she wished for, which can be played back again and again.

BudgeStudios.GoodnightCaillouScreenshotThe app’s interface is easy for young kids to navigate, and Caillou gives clear directions each step of the way. Whether he’s telling kids to swipe toothpaste on his toothbrush or instructing them to eat all of the dinner on the plate, there’s very simple tapping, swiping, and dragging movements involved. While the app is free for users, parents can choose to upgrade the app (for $6.99) to include all 20 unique pre-bedtime activities, such as tracing constellations, petting Gilbert, bubbly bathtime, finding teddy, clean-up time, and many more. Goodnight Caillou is available for iPhone and iPad at the App Store.