goodie gusher

Piñatas were always hands-down my favorite parts about attending any party when I was growing up. Piñatas weren’t just a way to pass the time–they were the best things out there because they brought people together, totally got everyone hyped, and, most important, housed a lot of candy. If there was a piñata present, you already knew it was going to be a really good time.

If you’re like me, your version of the piñata is the “old school” version, where everyone lined up holding goody bags and took turns hitting it with a bat or similar object. Well, I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I may have just come across something better than a piñata.

goodiegusherGoodie Gusher, from Best Party Concepts LLC, will be a hit at any party. The Goodie Gusher itself is a tall hexagonal-shaped tube that is hollow enough to fit five pounds of candy or other small novelties such as teeny tiny action figures, stickers, tattoos, bouncing balls, plastic rings and other plastic toys, and anything else that can fit inside—except for sharp objects!

What sets the Goodie Gusher apart from the classic piñata is that the 30 included keys are the magic to getting it to open. The head of each plastic key features an array of emoji-like characters, and if you have any kids of your own, you’ll know how excited they get about anything featuring an emoji. The tube has small, key-shaped holes for each key to fit inside. To play, parents fill it in with candy or prizes, hang the Goodie Gusher (there is a string and hook already attached), place all of the keys inside the holes, and remove the yellow clip on the top. Then, kids take turns pulling out the keys until the magic key dispenses the goods.

Unless someone gets really lucky in the beginning, the key format ensures that almost everyone will get a chance to participate, so no one is feeling left out. I’m looking at you, kid who always goes second and then beats the crap out of the piñata, giving nobody else a turn. #notsalty

Playing is tons of fun and is not too messy because there will be no miscellaneous remnants flying everywhere. But my favorite part about it all? The Goodie Gusher is completely reusable, so it can be used for other parties or even again in the same party. THE FUN DOESN’T HAVE TO END AND YOU CAN KEEP GOING ON FOREVER.

Right now, the Goodie Gusher comes in a Space Monster and Pixie Pink versions, and will soon be available in kids’ favorite Nickelodeon themes, such as Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Shimmer and Shine. Also coming out soon will be Goodie Gushers to celebrate different holidays, such as Halloween (ALL the candy), Easter, and Christmas.

Now, what to do when the right key releases all of the candy? Game on to collect the most candy!

Watch the video below to see the Goodie Gusher in all its glory.