gonoodle games

It’s time to get up and moving!

Movement and mindfulness platform GoNoodle is introducing a new line of free, interactive games to encourage kids to get active. Its free GoNoodle Games iOS app aims to make screen time more active with original games that kids control with their own movements.

GoNoodle Games uses open-source, computer-vision (openCV) and machine learning technology to recognize movements on screen as kids duck, dodge, and pose their way to in-game victories.

“Kids love watching videos and playing games more than anything else — we are committed to getting them moving using these mediums they love,” said KC Estenson, CEO of GoNoodle, in a statement. “By bringing movement to a traditionally sedentary activity, like gaming, we’ll continue to redefine screen time and provide kids everywhere with entertainment that stimulates their bodies and energizes their minds.”


With a set of four mini-games to start, kids will need to get up off the couch and jump, wave, and move in order to succeed. The engaging and active games feature some of kids’ favorite characters, moves, and music from the original GoNoodle classroom program.

The initial games offered on the app include Flo Yo’s Bubble Pop, Om Metalhead’s Flower Power, Zapp Von Doubler’s Space Race, and Squatty Berger’s Rock and Roll. Each game offers fun illustrations and characters, and require different body movements to move avatars forward.

The GoNoodle Games app is currently available to download on iOS, with Android capability coming soon.