One easy way to keep the kiddos occupied while school’s out is to play a board game

Parents are on the hunt for ways to stay engaged and have some screen-free fun with their families. Game company Goliath suggests taking game nights back to the basics and using classics to bring generations together for some old-fashioned, family fun. Goliath points specifically to its Rummikub and Sequence games, but there are tons of classics just waiting to be dusted off for a gaming session amid these uncertain times.

“It’s important to still find ways to embrace this family time and enjoy one another’s company,” says David Norman, president of Goliath. “We know it can be tough! It’s no surprise that my family has turned to board games. We have a running Sequence tournament; my wife is in the lead, and it’s getting pretty intense.”

The fast-paced, 70-year-old Rummikub strategy game is just the same as many parents and grandparents will remember: Players must continually adjust tiles that the “board” keeps changing. In the Sequence strategy game, kids will keep playing cards from their hand while they put chips on the game board to match their cards, all in an effort to make five in a row on the board. When players attempt to block opponents or remove their chips and play Jacks, the game gets intense. 

Intense, yet fun: That’s all part of the fun of a successful game night.