GB_Box_BT002_v1_r1GoldieBlox has done it again with this fun kit in its line of engineering toys, GoldieBlox and the Parade Float. GoldieBlox produces storybook/play sets for girls that are specifically designed toward the way girls would best respond to STEM concepts such as construction. It does this through a female character role model and her friends, a storybook instead of instructions, and curved pieces. Kids read along with the interactive storybook and build related objects within book.

In this GoldieBlox sequel, Goldie is “more than just a princess.” Her friend, Ruby, has been dreaming of winning the Miss Princess Pageant at school and has practiced her curtsies at least a thousand times in preparation. However, Katinka the dolphin also has her eyes on the prize. When Katinka loses the crown, Goldie and Ruby build a float together for everyone to ride on, teaching their friends that friendship and creativity is more important than any pageant.

GoldieBlox and the Parade Float is more than just another toy for girls. It is a great story that builds spatial skills, engineering principles, and confidence in problem-solving with a narrative that has meaning. The set comes with the storybook and 34 pieces for girls ages 4 and up.

BT002.3_largeSometimes, kids can have a tendency of getting discouraged when they can’t build or make something. However, this isn’t an issue with GoldieBlox because all of the pieces are easy to put together with clear instructions. In this kit, kids build a baton, throne, and the float with Goldie and her blueprints. There are six additional float designs in the back of the book or kids can use their noggins to create their own designs. And, if your kid has any other GoldieBlox construction sets, all of the pieces are compatible with one another to make endless designs with the adorable characters. Kids can share their original designs on and view what others have uploaded.

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