godzilla mask

No monster is as iconic as Godzilla. To celebrate the character’s return to the big screen this year, kids can embrace their inner king of monsters with a new collection of themed toys from Jakks Pacific

Designed for kids ages 3 and up, kids can place Godzilla Electronic Mask, designed for kids ages 3 and up, on their faces and give off the all-important Godzilla roar.

To activate the sound effects, kids open their (and the mask’s) mouths. The amount you open your mouth corresponds to the volume of the growl it makes. Kids can open their mouths partially to hear a deeper, quieter, and shorter Godzilla-esque roar. When they open their mouths even wider, they will hear a louder and fuller sound that is accompanied by blue LED lights shining from the back of the mask’s mouth.

To wear, the inside has an elastic head strap to stretch around a kid’s head, a chin rest, and a silicone, rubber piece to rest and protect your nose inside the mask. Then, it’s up to you to become the powerful monster, ahem, king of the monsters.

monster battlepacks

To amp up the role-play experience, kids can also play with the Godzilla: King of Monsters figures and accessories. With the Monster Battlepacks, kids can collect and imagine Godzilla scenes with the two 3.5-inch included figures in each pack. There are three unique versions of the classic monster that kids can pose, play, and recreate the iconic scenes with the battle packs.

Each Monster Battlepack includes a Godzilla figure, a legendary monster figure (for battling, obviously), and a backdrop accessory, so kids will really feel like they are living out a scene from the epic film.

godzilla figureOne of the hallmarks of Godzilla’s illustrious career is being a gigantic monster; so why should the figures stop at just being a miniature, collectible size? With Jakks’ 24-Inch Figure, this monster figure stands 24 inches tall and 36 inches long, allowing kids to pose this articulated figures for plenty of action and battle sequences. The posable figure brings intricate detail to the moveable monster, where kids can move his various points of articulation in the jaw, neck, hands, legs, feet, and tell to complete their stories.

These toys, designed for kids ages 3 and up, will be available this spring exclusively at Walmart.