VTech‘s incredible line of Go! Go! Smart Wheels sets expands this year with more track building, car racing fun.

With the Go! Go! Smart Wheels Launch & Chase Police Tower, kids ages 1 and up can pretend to chase the getaway car with Po the Police Car. The set includes both cars, but Po is the one that features all the bells and whistles—literally. Kids can press Po’s face to hear more than 35 songs, melodies, sounds, and phrases, including the catchy “Police Car” song. When kids drive Po over any of the five SmartPoint locations, they’ll magically hear special sounds and phrases.

This highly interactive play set is full of manipulative features. Kids can flip the garage up and down, twist and turn the satellite, open and close the jail door, and more. The set even features secret pathways, a switch track, and obstacles like construction blocks to help slow down the getaway car. The trick tunnel will help the getaway car zip right under the police car for a narrow escape.

Kids will not only strengthen fine motor skill development by playing with this set, but they’ll also learn some basic letters and numbers. The colors are striking and engaging, and the set is tall so it doesn’t take up a ton of floor space. Best of all, the Police Tower connects to all of the other Go! Go! Smart play sets kids may already have at home.

Go! Go! Smart Wheels play sets are the absolute perfect gift for toddlers and preschoolers. Thanks to incredibly interactive features, adorable designs, and catchy tunes, these are an easy win—and the new Police Tower is no exception.