vtech_go_go_smart_friends_busy_sounds_discovery_home (1)

VTech has expanded its line of Go! Go! play sets to include character figures. The first play set in the Smart Friends line, the Busy Sounds Discovery Home,  will allow toddlers to explore the ins and outs of a house. Kids ages 1 to 5 can play with the interactive house with MagicPoint locations that bring the characters and play set to life with sounds, music, motion, and more. Plus, did I mention how adorable it is?!

The play set comes with Miss Norah and her dog. She can introduce herself to kids and tell them what she likes to do with the press of a button (she especially loves to brag about how cute her dog is). There are nine MagicPoint locations throughout the house, including the bathtub, toilet, playroom, tire swing, dog house, and motorized elevator. When kids place Miss Norah on one of these MagicPoints, she interacts with it in a totally unique way. For example, the toilet flushes, the fireplace lights up, the swing rocks, and the elevator even moves up and down automatically.

The Busy Sounds Discovery Home is simple and easy to put together (it will take adults about five to 10 minutes), and kids will get a lot of learning, motor skill development, and playtime out of it. They can learn concepts like cause and effect, such as putting Miss Norah on different locations to hear fun responses, while also roleplaying daily life activities, such as cooking and relaxing on the couch after a long day (Parents, I know you feel me on that one). Also, the set has an easy carry handle, making it perfect for travel and taking on the go.

One of the best parts about this play set is that it is completely compatible with all of the other Go! Go! Smart Friends, Wheels, and Animals products. Kids will never be bored since they will be able to mix and match all of the different combinations. Also, if kids have other Smart Friends like Miss Norah, then the characters will be able to sing and chat together in the play set.

Parents will fall in love with this toy for its high quality and durable design, plus all of the educational benefits kids obtain through playing with it. A great extension of the Go! Go! line, Smart Friends will bring even more personality to playtime.