Kids can learn a lot from having a pet, like responsibility. But there are some new pets in town that will teach kids even more, like the alphabet and colors, all while aiding in their social-emotional development. Plus, there’s none of the mess of real animals, AND they each have an off switch—#blessed.

The new Go! Go! Smart Animals, from VTech, feature soft and fuzzy textures, giving them a cuddly feel compared to their plastic predecessors. Kids ages 1 and up can choose from four different animals, including Caroline the charming cat, Dawn the dutiful Dalmatian, Richard the remarkable rabbit, or Debbie the darling Labradoodle. Each animal has six unique songs, multiple phrases, and a unique personality.

Richard the rabbit will teach kids about the letter “r,” while delighting with “boing” and “bounce” sound effects. Richard even sings songs about the anatomy and dietary needs of a rabbit, teaching kids about the real animal while they play. Dawn and Debbie teach kids about dogs and what good friends they make, while Caroline the cat describes how cats walk and clean themselves. Each learning phrase is coupled with fun sounds and zany musical notes, engaging kids as they play.

All four animals are on wheels, letting them smoothly glide along any flat surface. They are all compatible with the Go! Go! Smart Animals, Wheels, and Friends play sets. When kids place them on the Smartpoint locations, they will hear one of their playful pet’s fun sounds automatically. However, even if you don’t have any of the Go! Go! sets, the animals provide lots of engaging playtime on their own, especially with how many different sounds each one features.

These pint-sized pets offer kids lots of play value, whether they are gliding their animals along the playroom car, or along the car window during an upcoming summer road trip. At such a modest pricepoint, these furry friends are full of fun.