cory carson assortment

Just when we thought that we couldn’t love VTech’s Go! Go! Smart Wheels line anymore, the company introduced us to Cory Carson.

Go! Go! Cory Carson is a new show for preschoolers on Netflix that features a little preschool car named Cory, his little sister Chrissy (Cory is such a great big brother!), and Cory’s friends and neighbors in the town of Bumperton Hills. Cory goes through a lot of things that are relatable to preschoolers — from oil spills and helping his little sister to exploring the town with his family — and we fell in love with the show immediately.

To complement the adorable content, VTech, of course, also introduced an adorable line of toys to go along with it — and holy spokes do we love it.


The line is led by the Go! Go! Cory Carson DJ Train Tax & the Roll Train playset. This electronic playset lets kids play mix-master with Roll Train host DJ Train Trax. DJ Train Trax is the flyest DJ in Bumperton Hills — when kids roll the train along the tracks, they can activate his light-up rainbow chimney. Kids can press down on DJ Train Trax’s hat or move him around to hear phrases, sounds, and songs, and trigger some cool light effects. The set also features mini characters Cory and Chrissy Carson, which when placed on the stage, light up, do “The Chrissy” dance (someone teach me immediately!), and interact with DJ Train Trax. All of the interaction gives kids a ton of opportunities to reenact Cory Carson adventures, or make their own stories with hours of imaginative play. Sign me up for this party!


Next up on our tour of Bumperton Hills is Go! Go! Cory Carson Freddie’s Firehouse, a playset featuring Freddie’s mom’s firehouse setting from the show. Kids can go on a rescue mission with the mini PlayZone Freddie Firetruck and Chrissy Carson character cars. Kids can race the characters down the slide, and when they do, activate the PlayZone location at the bottom to hear each character say unique phrases. What’s great about this set is that kids can place any SmartPoint character they already have on the location by the firehouse door to hear them talk and play music, and to see them light up.


Cory, Chrissy, and his friends all come together in the Go! Go! Cory Carson SmartPoint Cory, Friends & Bonus Chrissy vehicle pack. Featuring Freddie Firetruck and Halle Copter, this pack includes vehicles that kids can roll along and hear them talk and play music when they press the light-up button. Kids can place these vehicles on any of the SmartPoint locations on Go! Go! Cory Carson playsets to unlock more sounds and phrases — the way the whole line works together and is interactive really ups the play value for each piece.


A personal favorite vehicle set is the Go! Go! Cory Carson SmartPoint Cory & Chrissy set. Kids can put Chrissy on Cory’s roof to hear the pair talk to each other and sing songs together. (See, I told you! Such a good big brother!) When kids press Cory’s windshield button, he can tell kids about the colors orange and green and play three sing-along songs and six melodies. When kids place the duo on a SmartPoint location or a PlayZone location on the playsets in the line, they get to hear even more phrases, songs, and sounds.

The line is designed for kids ages 2 and up, but much like the show, your whole family will love these toys. Kids will be excited to play with their favorite characters and experience all of the toys’ fun interactions, while parents will appreciate the learning aspects and the high-quality that they can expect from all Go! Go! Smart Wheels products at an affordable price point.

Buckle up for fun adventures with Cory and all of his friends and family with this adorable line from VTech!