Over the years, giving valentines has turned into a fun way to give treats and toys to friends and classmates. It’s something my kids look forward to both giving and receiving. This year, they are super excited about these You Make my Heart Glow valentines.

What’s great about Valentine’s Day cards is that they don’t have to be expensive or difficult. These You Make My Heart Glow valentines are affordable and easy for kids to make. Plus, for classes that don’t allow food valentines, these are perfect!


  • Free You Make my Heart Glow valentine printable
  • Glow bracelets
  • Scissors
  • Hole punch
  • Pen or marker

Step 1: Print out this free printable. There are six on each sheet, and I recommend using card stock or a thicker paper to print so it’s sturdy.

Step 2: Cut out the valentines.

Step 3: Have your child sign their name on each card. It’s important to do this before you assemble them so you don’t crack the glow sticks trying to write names.

Step 4: Use the hole punch to punch a hole at the top and bottom of the card.

Step 5: Slide the glow bracelet into the top hole and then through the bottom hole. (Tip: Make sure you bend the paper, NOT the bracelet, when putting this together.)

Step 6: Don’t forget to check that you’ve included the connector for the bracelet.

What’s great is that these non-candy valentines can be given to everyone, and kids will love wearing a glow bracelet and showing off their gift. Making these valentine’s with your kids can be a fun, quick way for them to share how much they appreciate their friends and classmates.

Does your child’s class do valentines?