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Night lights are officially a thing of the past thanks to the cute and cuddly Glow-A-Lot Care Bears.

Care Bears— the Queen Bees of the stuffed animal world— have been around for decade and constantly pull new tricks out of their furry sleeves to add to kids’ play value and experience. Just Play’s new line of Care Bears stays true to this tradition with their latest feature, which enables the bears to give off a warm and soothing glow.

The Glow-A-Lot Care Bears collection includes four huggable, lovable Care Bears: aqua blue Bedtime Bear, pink Love-a-Lot Bear, lavender Sweet Dreams Bear, and turquoise Wish Bear.

Additionally, each bear features all the qualities that long-time Care Bears fans know and love, such as their iconic belly badges; tiny heart-shaped noses, hands, and feet; and big, playful eyes.

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The bears’ soft terrycloth fabric is what allows them to give off their light. The 12-inch plush friends require no battery charge, which makes them soft to touch and cuddle with at bedtime. Kids can hold the Glow-A-Lot bear up to any household light, then hit the lights and watch in awe as their stuffed animal lights up the room. Parents don’t even need to worry about endless minutes that they waste while they hold their child’s bear up to the light Simba style (ain’t nobody got time for that), because after as little as 30 seconds, the bears are good to glow.

The Care Bears glow is perfect for kids who may need a nighttime buddy when the lights go out. Only the ears, nose, and tummy are made with the special glow-in-the-dark fabric, which emits just enough light to comfort kids as they slowly drift away into the land of dreams.

Though the Glow-A-Lot Care Bears may seem like magic, their glowing powers do not last the entire night. The good news, however, is that they will light up the room long enough for a drowsy child to fall asleep with the comfort of their bear’s light. When they wake up in the morning, they’ll look forward to nightfall and their Care Bear BFF to once again enchant the room with its soft glow.

Just Play’s Glow-A-Lot Care Bears make the perfect playtime plush as well as an inseparable nighttime companion.