Looking for the perfect sleepover craft? Look no further than Colortime! Colortime crafts and fabric markers are a great way for kids to express their creativity. Kids can color in pre-printed pillow cases, tote bags, T-shirts and more with the brightly colored fabric markers and then sleep on, carry, or wear their own creations. Colortime’s line of markers are not included with the pillow cases, T-shirts, and other products, but they are sold separately and work great on regular fabrics, so your kids can freestyle draw their own creations as well. These craft kids are great for birthday parties, Girl or Boy Scout troop get-togethers, or just a rainy day inside. Because of the lower price point, it’s easy to buy a bunch for a fun sleepover party favor that also doubles as a group activity. They are also a great way for kids to stop whining “I’m bored” and create their very own clothing, backpack, or pillow case. The instructions recommend to wait until the ink is completely dry (at least 2 hours to be safe) before washing, to ensure that the design does not fade. Kids may need a parent’s help for steps such as this, so party chaperones and parents will have to make sure they’re around to help out! Next time there’s a sleepover at your house, send kids home with one of the most creative party favors: a Colortime creation!