Princess Hello KittyEveryone’s favorite feline is as charming as ever with the Princess Hello Kitty Doll from Blip Toys. Hello Kitty has all the grace and loveliness of a princess in this delightful addition to the line of dolls.

Princess Hello Kitty stands about 15 inches tall and is decked out in a super cute outfit including pink and purple shoes and a removable bracelet. Could anyone but Hello Kitty pull off a multicolored dress with green socks and a tiara? I don’t think so! Her signature bow is even a light pink, outlined with teal, to match the theme.

The doll is fully poseable so she can sit, stand, or even throw her hands up in the air. Little kids will have a lot of fun playing with Princess Hello Kitty, and I can see her being a royal addition to any tea party. However, this doll also can be a collector’s item for fans of all ages.

One of the best parts about the doll is that you can mix and match her clothes with the other dolls in the collection, allowing for a whole bunch of endless combinations of accessories and clothes. The other Hello Kitty dolls in the line are Dance, Pop, and Best Friends. Princess Hello Kitty is an enchanting addition to any girl’s doll collection, making it no wonder that why totally rocks that tiara.