One time—two years ago to be exact—I ordered some Girl Scout cookies from a friend’s co-worker. I realize this was my first mistake, seeing as I was three degrees from the cookies themselves, and had no direct contact with the girl in question, no résumé of past sales performance, no references or reviews from customers of the past. It was an amateur move—and yes, dear readers, I paid the price.

I know that Girl Scout cookies usually have a slower turnaround than say, my Amazon Prime orders. However, I can patiently wait the approximate four to six weeks that it takes to get Girl Scout cookies after I have placed my order. Heck, I even patiently wait the entire year for “Girl Scout Cookie” time to come around, then I order in bulk, freeze some, and devour the rest in happiness.

But two years ago, I passed that six-week waiting period, and no cookies. Not even a word of cookies. I frantically emailed the email chain in which orders were placed, filled with GIFs of panic, “Has ANYONE gotten their cookies yet?!” Another week went by and I sulked in my Thin-Mint-less existence.

I know it’s wrong, but in my mind, I blamed that anonymous Girl Scout. She had to be doing this on purpose. Why was this 6-year-old holding my Girl Scout Cookies hostage?

In truth, it was not her fault. She was not hoarding our orders in her house, waiting for all of us to reach our breaking point. I eventually got my Girl Scout Cookies and lived my life in bliss once more. I bounced back. I recovered from my fragile state. But man, does that wait really take a toll on you.

And now, thanks to Wicked Cool Toys, I will no longer have to suffer through dark, dark, Girl-Scout-Cookie-less days.

We, as a people, no longer have to wait for Girl Scout Cookies.

We can take fate into our own hands, and make them ourselves.


The Girl Scouts Cookie Oven: Solving your lack-of-patience problems since 2015. It’s here to save the day.

Using relatively the same technology as other ovens on the market, the Girl Scouts Cookie Oven lets kids—or 25-year-old adults—cook up their very own Girl Scout Cookies any time of the year, from the comfort of their own home. Hooray!

To start off, your Girl Scouts Cookie Oven will come with the oven itself (duh), a baking pan, a double-sided spatula, “The Perfect Cookie” measuring tool, a chocolate flavored cookie mix packet, and a mint chocolate flavored coating packet. That’s right: Thin Mints right off the bat! Not. Messing. Around. For those of you who aren’t fans of Thin Mints (Do you even exist?!), there are additional packets sold separately to make Caramel Coconut, Trefoils, Chocolate PB, and PB Sandwich cookies as well.

You’ll also need a few things from your kitchen, but most of it you probably already have lying around: baking spray, a spoon, a butter or plastic knife, a small mixing bowl, wax paper, a plate, a cup and some water, a timer, an oven mitt (safety!), and a fridge.

The instructions were super easy to follow, with pictures and cute phrases to guide you along on your cookie making journey. I love that they call out safety and pro tips along the way, so kids can make cookies that look just like the real thing. (P.S. Moms and dads will appreciate the last step on the instructions is to clean up!)


The guide walks you through baking the cookies—from preheating the oven, to using “The Perfect Cookie” mL measuring tool to add the right amount of water to the mix (which, thank goodness, because if you guys didn’t know, I’m absolutely terrible at guessing amounts when baking). The pack makes about six cookies when all is said and done. It then takes kids through the process of safely baking the cookies—which only takes about 8 to 9 minutes. When they’re done, you use the cookie controller on the outside to move them into a cooling chamber, so no little hands are reaching into a hot oven. Kids can then take the necessary steps to go make the Thin Mint coating, decorate, and enjoy!

In the end, you’re left with Girl Scout Cookies that taste just like the ones you used to wait all year for. Except now these can happen whenever. And don’t worry, Girl Scouts, we’ll still buy your cookies every year. I’ll just be sending a lot less panicked emails while waiting for them to be delivered.